About me

Hi there fellow food lover! My name is Anneri (Ann for short) and I am here to ensure that you cheat on your diet. No seriously, this site will be full of mainly sweet treats, that will inspire you to get to work in the kitchen and forget about your diet. I am a fat-ionista, which basically means that I am a devoted follower of all things delicious and tasty.

Oh and I also love tea, trashy reality TV, cute socks and dogs; not any particular order.

I have always been in love with food, mostly because it tastes good, but also because it can bring so much joy. Putting a plate of goodies in front of friends and family, and seeing their faces light up as they taste it makes me so happy. And it is also so fulfilling to be able to complete a recipe and have it be a success. I especially love trying out new adventurous recipes I just love all the aspects of food: the taste, the look, the enjoyment, the preparation – it’s overall just such an enjoyable experience.

I’ve been in the kitchen for as long as I can remember. From a very young age I was assisting my mom in the kitchen (a fellow foodie), mainly so that I could be rewarded with a spatula or whisk that I could lick off, but also because I loved doing something my mom loved. And over the years my cooking and baking turned into a passion, a passion I loved to share with others. And so tah-dah I finally have an official food blog.

On this blog you will probably mostly find baking recipes for a large amount of sweet treats, as I am a self-claimed sugar addict. Acceptance is the first step to being rewarded with a cookie, right? So mostly sweet treats will be featured on this blog, but I will also incorporate some savoury recipes, and some healthier recipes as well.

So prepare your sweet teeth and join me for some delicious recipes.